June 28, 2014 Gathering

The June 28, 2014 Gathering was held at French Creek State Park 843 Park Road Elverson, PA 19520 at Organized Group Tent Area # 11. We had three men camp out Friday night and 12 men attend the Saturday program from 8:00am to 2:00pm. We gathered in circle around a fire pit. Jim O’Neill welcomed everyone and gave a summary of the 2014 theme “Trinity of the Body” and reviewed the Father Energy and its location in the Gut that was discussed at our first meeting in March 2014. The focus of this meeting was on Son Energy and it’s location in the Heart Center. We did a leisurely check-In giving each man the opportunity to tell his story and what brought him to the Gathering. We smudged with Sacred Sage as we transitioned into Sacred Space. Mike Huggins from Transformation Yoga Project (www.transformationyogaproject.org) gave a very informative talk about yoga and lead us through a 60 min. yoga practice and 45 min. yoga nidra (Guided Meditation). It was an amazing experience ! Pete Crooke (M4D) guided us through a David Whyte poem and gave us a deeper understanding of Contemplation and then sent us all out on a 90 min. Partner Walk. We reconvened ( most of us anyway, the 2 youngest men got lost and returned an hour late) for a closing ritual and departed around 2:00pm. It was great to be with men and support each other on our Journey of Illumination

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