March 28, 2015 Gathering

Our first Gathering in 2015 will be held at The Upper Room 5 Mystic Lane Malvern, PA 19355 from 8:00am – 10:00am. We will introduce the Way of Council and explore a Centering Form of Presence with a Breathing Practice and Meditation.

The Way of Council is an Illuman practice that has been introduced to us through The Ojai Foundation’s Center for Council. It is their “central and foundational practice, representing a rich blend of age-old communication practices that had been brought to the Ojai Foundation from an array of wisdom traditions.”

Council practice is a way of engaging ourselves and others more deeply “by fostering attentive listening, authentic expression, and creative spontaneity,” building “positive relationships between participants and neutralizing hierarchical dynamics fostered by inequality of status, race, economic stature or other social factors.” The Ojai Foundation describes Council as allowing “participants to communicate in ways that lead to a heightened sense of common purpose,” offering “effective means of working with conflict and discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organizations,” providing “comprehensive and powerful practices for co-visioning, learning, healing, community building and decision-making in a group context.”

Council is a modern practice derived from many ancient forms of communicating in a circle. Sometimes referred to as “Listening Circles,” Council utilizes a center, a circle, and a talking piece to create an intentional space in which to share our stories.

We will spend this year “Discovering Council” together.

Centering is one of the five Forms of Presence in our Journey of Illumination. A Form of Practice of Centering is Meditation and Breathing Practice. Join us this month to explore Meditation and Breathing Practice.

Please click the Eventbrite link on the right to register for this Gathering.

Journey Tabletop 17 X 22

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