September 27, 2014 Gathering

Our September 27, 2014 Gathering was held at Ridley Creek State Park 1023 Sycamore Mills Road Media, PA 19063 at Organized Group Tent Site # 13A&B. The main Gathering was from 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday September 27th.  A few men enjoyed Overnight tent camping on Friday night September 26th . We had 8 men attend our Main Gathering. We sat in circle, checked-In, Smudged,Sat in Contemplation, listened to a brief talk on the Trinity of the Body with a focus on the Head Center( Throat, Brow, and Crow Chakras). Then spent our day building a Sweat Lodge together. After our Sweat we gathered in circle for a closing ritual.

A quote from Joseph Bruchac, author of the Native American Sweat Lodge. ” The sweat lodge has many functions. It cleans and heals the body. It heals the mind, brining clarity. It is a testing place, offering a rite of passage where a participant can show endurance, strength and courage. And finally it is a holy place where a person can renew their connection to the Cosmos and God.”


Images from our time together:


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