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Please contact Paul Meister at for changes made due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Six men’s councils will be held every other month at Millbrook March Nature Center in State College, PA. Time is spent reconnecting with one another, with God, and with nature. The first council was held at 8:00am on Saturday January 17, where the focus was on the practice of Centering – we are men grounded in the here and now, taken from the Illuman vision statement. Future councils will be held at the same time and location in March , May , July , September , and November. Please contact Paul Meister .

In our modern world, we’ve lost significant rites of passage traditionally offered to help boys become men.  The consequences are great.  Just look at the headlines of today’s news reports; more often than not they are full of males who are abusing power, striving at all costs for attention, or grabbing after things that don’t belong to them.  Prolonged adolescent behavior has reached epidemic proportions. The need to offer an alternative is great, inviting young men to see their lives within a larger frame.
The Crossings: Marking the Move to Manhood seeks to fill the void.  Started in the spring of 2008 by the Men’s Covenant Group of the State College Presbyterian Church, the Crossings is a rite of passage event for 18-24 year old males, and has now touched the lives of over sixty young men who continue on the journey toward authentic and faithful adulthood (see testimonies below).  Grounded in traditional teachings for life, the Crossings involves one-on-one mentoring and experiential learning, introducing key messages of grace while affirming our identity as God’s beloved sons.
 For more information please contact Paul Meister at .
CROSSINGS brochure.16-1 (Click to view brochure)
A gentle introduction to Yoga by Jim O’Neill. Send an email to if you would like to be notified of upcoming free Zoom yoga classes. You can also check out our yoga video archive.

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