January 15, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Brothers,

For two years, Illuman of Pennsylvania has been an affiliated with Illuman.org, the international organization that supports and administers programs like the MROP, the Firming, and the Journey of Illumination. The PA chapter has offered a number of Illuman offerings. In 2013 we hosted and assisted the Illuman of New York/New Jersey/New England chapter for an MROP held at Krislund Camp near State College, PA. Over the past two years, quarterly events have been held in the Philadelphia area. A young men’s rites of passage, grounded in the lessons of the MROP and sponsored by the State College Presbyterian Church, is held each May in central PA. All of these events have provided men of all ages and backgrounds a safe space to do inner spiritual work in the company of men.

For the Board of Directors of Illuman of PA, it has been a time of learning, growth, and discernment. At our December 2015 Board meeting, we sadly accepted the resignation of Joel Blunk, an Illuman wisdom elder who has accepted a pastoral position outside of PA. In the ensuing discussion regarding a replacement for Joel, the remaining five directors decided that in order to grow the vitality of the PA chapter, new ideas and inspiration would be beneficial. That is the reason for this communication with you.

There is an open seat on the Illuman of PA Board of Directors that needs to be filled. In addition, the terms of the current directors expire in one year. Thus we are seeking ideas and nominations for new Board members. Illuman of PA programming in future years will focus on “The Journey of Illumination” with retreats and events across the state designed to engage initiated men on a more regular basis. Volunteers that can help shape, develop, and implement this vision are encouraged to join the Board. If you are an initiated man, or if you know of an initiated man residing in Pennsylvania who is interested in serving on the Board, please contact Jim O’Neill (jamesjoneill@comcast.net, 610-639-1385) or Paul Meister (meisterman747@gmail.com, 814-777-8112).

Blessings on your continued journeys,
The Illuman of Pennsylvania Board of Directors
Joel Blunk (emeritus)
Jim Herbert
Paul Meister
Ken Nickell
Jim O’Neill
Mark Weaver