Soularize 2019


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Link to Still Images of handouts and schedule.

There were 7 breakout sessions at this years Soularize.

  1. Authentic Manhood- Walking with Men
  2. Encountering the Other: Healing Relations
  3. Liberty & Justice for All
  4. Embodied Conversations: Intro to Ritual
  5. Illuman Way of Council
  6. Wild Earth Poetry
  7. Capacitar- Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World

Comments from men who attended the breakout sessions:

Jim O’Neill:It was difficult to decide on just two sessions to attend. I finally settled on Encountering the Other: Healing Relations and Embodied Conversations: Intro to Ritual. Stephen Picha lead the Healing Relations session. It was an introduction to the work of Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI). It was a powerful session on the healing that is taking place between men and women. Illuman is partnering with GERI and conducting workshops bringing men and women together to transform Gender relations across the globe. Book Reference: Divine Duality, The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men by William Keeping, Ph.D with Cynthia Brix, M.Div. and Molly Dwyer, Ph.D. More info at ……… The Intro to Ritual session was lead by Jonathan Miller. We discussed the difference between Ritual and Ceremony. A Ritual does not guarantee a predetermined and predictable outcome instead it leaves room for the unexpected and unplanned. We broke into small groups and designed a Ritual following the Ritual Arc of Plan, Plan, Plan, Entry, Ritual Action, Return.

Scott Klaverkamp: My Soularize experience helped with letting go of my expectations and letting God influence me in the way He chooses. I went to Liberty and Justice for All on Friday. It was a good awakening into how our society has grown off of lies and manipulation of truths to empower white privilege and keep others down.I have experienced both ends as a white male with privilege then when they find out I am an alcoholic in recovery and have been arrested, I am treated completely different even though my arrest happened 11 years ago. On Saturday I went to Walking with Men which was presented by a brother who also works in social work and he has PTSD. His experience validated my feelings that we need to be in communion rather than attempt to help others. It shows time and again that we all belong and when we are in communion with others that’s when we are whole.

Dominick Bencivenga: The Illuman Way of Council breakout session focused on Virtual Councils- what they are, how they are facilitated and how we can create our own using the Illuman Master Zoom account. Virtual Councils allow Chapters to hold Council meetings with Brothers who are limited by distance/time in getting to our standard face-to-face Council meetings. ……  I also attended the Wild Earth Poetry session lead by Timothy P. McLaughlin, who graced all Soularize Brothers by “singing” his poetry to us in full Council. The breakout session focused on connecting with “our inner poet”. After a very fun, and inspiring opening participatory Indian song (two words) and dance, Timothy shared one of his poems and asked us each to write our own poem! Sensing much trepidation, he said don’t call it a poem, and simply start writing from the heart… It’s amazing what was written by almost every brother there! Timothy invited us all to share our poems/spiritual writing with everyone, and we did this in one large Council of heart-to-heart poetry sharing. To a man, we were each moved by this powerful session. (and, now I have a new tool added to my spiritual life toolbox!) More info about his work is available on his website at

Jim O’Neill: We started every morning session with a movement exercise. The movement was a form of TAI CHI  facilitated by a brother who led the Capacitor- Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World breakout session. Some of the movements we practiced are outlined in the CapacitarEmergKit . The Capacitar Booklet has info about the International organization that promotes Capacitor techniques. More info at