Soularize 2019


Dear Brothers,

Greetings and I am writing with good news.  We are opening registration for Soularize 2019- Men Transforming Men: What Does Healthy Masculinity Look Like?  It will be held from October 24-October 27, 2019 at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort in Bernalillo, New Mexico.  The event will start after dinner (on your own) at 7pm on Thursday night, October 24 and end by noon on Sunday, October 27, 2019.

 Join Illuman for Soularize 2019 as we reflect up what it means to be “Men Transforming Men” for a healthy masculinity.  Let’s stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other men across the world as we consider what makes a man healthy and whole.  What challenges do men face today?  What are the obstacles we encounter in developing a deeply integrated and healthy masculine identity?  Where can we get support?  How do men’s rites of passage and initiation rites, today and historically, help create men capable of living their lives with purpose and meaning, doing their soul work and contributing to a world that deeply needs men to show up as generative learners and elders? We will be sharing wisdom, commitments and practices that men have found powerful in living fulfilled lives as spiritually healthy men.

 More information will be available in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we wanted to provide the following links for Registration.  You will need to book your hotel separate from the event registration:

 1. Hotel Registration at the Hyatt Tamaya-

 The room rate will once again be $159/night for single or double. Please know that there will not be a resort fee in your final check-out amount even if the rate might list one.  It is waived for our event.

 2. Soularize 2019 Event Registration-

 The event rate will also remain the same at $375.  We are also offering an opportunity for men to add an extra $100 to their registration to support Illuman’s program development and scholarship program for Soularize. We will once again be granting scholarships based on need so please email Brad Pickel at to learn more about the scholarship program.

 I look forward to being with you and stay tuned for more information!


Brad Pickel 

Illuman Administrator