Virtual Council Circles


 Here are the Zoom connections needed to join:
Topic:  Illuman Virtual Council Circles
Time:  Every 2nd and 4th Saturday    8:00-9:30 AM EST   or    12:00-1:30 PM EST
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android:
Zoom Meetin #: 922 512 3855
Your are encouraged to have a talking stick/piece, that possesses some significance to your spiritual path, to hold as you speak from the heart during Council. The talking stick will also serve to let everyone know that you are ready to speak when it is held up in front of the camera for all to see. It will work best for all listeners to have their microphone muted and only un-mute themselves when they are ready to talk. Because of this we ask that you not try to un-mute to respond “Ho” when a man is finished speaking but rather let him know that he has been heard by holding up your talking piece to the camera, or a card with the word “Ho” written on it. We will be experimenting with this visual “Ho” as we go along.
We are asking you to join our Zoom meeting room at least 5 minutes early, if you are new to this technology please join 15 minutes early so we can make sure we have enough time to work through technical issues. We hope to start on time but please have patience as we figure out everyone’s particular issues, there will be issues. We will start with 10-15 minutes of silence so if you are running late it’s not a problem just be mindful as you join. If you join after the break out rooms happen, around 15 minutes in, you may find an empty meeting room, you’d be welcome to stay and meditate for 60 minutes til everyone returns or you’re invited to join in next time as these meetings recur on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays.
If you are inexperienced with Zoom it is recommended to view the following 1 minute tutorial. The most you will need to know is where your microphone button is and perhaps the video button if you don’t show up on the screen. Other than that you should have no worries: